Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lent 3a General Prayer

Lord God heavenly Father, hear us as we pray in Jesus’ name for we are the people of Your pasture and the sheep of Your hand:

You are a great God and a great King above all gods.  Exercise Your wise and righteous rule over all the nations of the earth and their leaders so that they would kneel before You and worship You as their Lord and Maker. Especially do we pray for our nation, our fellow citizens, and all who serve in government, that we would be a people You can claim as Your own.

We confess and believe that You are the Creator of the universe and in Your mighty hands You hold the depths of the earth and the heights of the mountains, the seas and the dry land.  Give us all of those material gifts that we need to sustain our earthly life.  Lead us to share those same gifts with those in need.  We give You thanks for the gifts of marriage and family and pray that You would bless Tim and Luci as they celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Forgive us when we grumble about Your wise rule over our lives.  Set aside those sinful doubts that question Your presence in our lives and help us to receive all things with thanksgiving.

Continue to work faith in our hearts by the Spirit’s power in Word and sacrament so that we would always stand in grace and be filled with Your peace.  When we are called upon to suffer some hardship, help us to see that You are causing us to grow in our faith.  According to Your wise, fatherly will, grant healing to those who are ill, provide for those in need, and comfort those who mourn.  In all things, grant us endurance, character, and hope.

Of all the good gifts that You have given us, we give You our most hearty thanks and praise for sending Your son Jesus Christ to die for us poor sinners.  When we were too weak to save ourselves, at just the right time, Jesus Christ gave his life for us so that we could have a life with You.  Help us to treasure that gift of salvation above all else.

Give us hearts that are always ready to worship You in spirit and in truth.  As we receive Your gifts in Word and sacrament, help us to see worship and bible study as a priority that rightly orders the rest of our life with You.

Enable us to follow the example of the woman at the well and tell our friends and neighbors what You have done for us so that they too might know Jesus as the Savior of the world.  Bless the missionaries of the church who go to places we cannot go and lead us to support them generously.

Whatever else You see that we need; whatever brings glory to You; whatever serves our neighbor; grant to us dear Father in heaven for we ask it all in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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